Norfolk Street Cruisers

Bike engined rods

smaller engines with big power are not as unreialable as they once were.

Harley Engines get everywhere can make good power. 27 T coupe, 27 roadster, Corbin roadster and the Twintech
JAP powered Morgan started Morgan copies with Honda & Moto Guzzi, BMW power the Brooklands replica 3 wheels or 4, bike engines are not a new thing
Where did it start & where will it end? From the BMW powered Isetta to the R1 Yamaha pickup or the Suzuki powered Mini & Smart
A Hyabusa hides in the Reilant van whils a Laverda is very much on show in the rod. Hidden FZR1000 in the Goggomobile, Visable Arieal square 4 in the special
Race cars (JMW-alder 250twin), Drag Cars (ZX12R Kawa), Bumper Cars (Kawa 750) or Street Sleepers (999R Ducati) they all look a lot of fun to me.