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Off the wall

In Russia, updating old Volgas with modern hardware has been a staple of the custom crowd. It's a natural, considering the original GAZ Volga is as much a beloved member of the USSR's vehicular past as the '57 Chevy is to Ameracans.

This Volga by El Motors, is using the running gear from a 1994 E36 BMW M3.

As far from a cheaply made, Eastern bloc econo-wagon, as the interior and drivetrain of a BMW 850 allows.

As I said this one has the interior and 5.5L V12 from a BMW 850 380HP@5300RPM with a 6spd gearbox and 160mph top speed

Their not just tin tops either, check out this convertable

This is the transformation, Ideas for Mark and his Volvo/Opel hybird

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