Norfolk Street Cruisers

Old Norfolk Cars


Chevy Cortina-after Paul Wayling  
Shaun Whittle- Sexpensive V6 Anglia

Rod Pollard- Purple Haze Cresta

Shaky Pudding

Paul Wayling Chevy Cortina

Paul Wayling- Hulk Plymouth (1st version)

Paul Wayling- Hulk Plymouth (2nd version)

Ray Wickers, Corsair V6

Ray Wickers, Corsair V8

Ray Wickers, 34-37
Mike Key '32 (2)

Mike Key '40 Chevy

Mike Key Beetle van

Mike Key Brookville '32

Dooster '34

Harry Sunderland- Grannies Pride Morris 8

Graham- Plymouth

Graham -A Delivery

Steve Wall, Street Savage

Street Savage 2

Street Savage 3

George Foulger- became--

Mr Pop Star- Robin Sear

Later became - Puddle Jumper

Roy Thomas- Riley 1500 1976

Ron Keenes now of the Pop Shop

Paul Briggs (car back in Norfolk)
Dick Roe- A35 Austin

Robert Brooks-Rover V8 VW

Dougie - Escort pick up
Steve Warnes, Adventora
Steves, Orange Mustang  

Gail Pollard

Mick Sinclair- Blown Chevy

John Keen- 1800 then V6

Graham Barlow V8

Lionel's Old Minor

Philip Freeman- Riviera lowrider 1979
Shaun- '32- Cleavers

John- A V8- Cleavers

V8 Devon. Now with Gary Moxon

Hudson- Gary Moxon
Five Alive-Plymouth

Dave & Mo, Jigsaw