Norfolk Street Cruisers

Ask Bob ? Austin Morris 60s onward

For many years Bob Pike has been taking and collecting photographs of British tin Rods, these are not all Bob's own work but he cannot remember where they all came from. If you recognize your work I am happy to acknowledge photos origin, add links to your site, or remove if required as I do not intend any offend anybody.

If you are the current owner of any of these card and would like to send up to date photographs or your car is not yet on bob's record again please send them in.

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VPK 236G VPK 238G GAP 909L GAP 909L Metro ?
XKR 176A XKR 176A AAU 714A AAU 714A Shirpa ?
VNM 311K VNM 311K VNM 311K LDU 194P LDU 194P
Shirpa ? Shirpa ? UDM 334R DFE 485X UNP 243L
XAH 719S Marina ? Marina? NMC 382R NMC 382R
SKJ 989 A40 TOA 104N Marina ? Marina ?

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