Norfolk Street Cruisers

Ask Bob ? Ford 105E Anglia

For many years Bob Pike has been taking and collecting photographs of British tin Rods, these are not all Bob's own work but he cannot remember where they all came from. If you recognize your work I am happy to acknowledge photos origin, add links to your site, or remove if required as I do not intend any offend anybody.

If you are the current owner of any of these card and would like to send up to date photographs or your car is not yet on bob's record again please send them in.

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105 E OK 13756 1425 D 252 ??? 4319 KP
31 VR? 31 VR? 341 UXS 341 UXS 559 P?G
633 LPL 633 LPL 659 HYM 6926 RO ??? 882A
89 FGW 89 FGW 993 CLY 993 CLY AYW 475B
BAD 105E BAD 105E BAD 105E CVW 333B DYA 920J
CPR 615B CPR 615B CPR 615B DYT 397C EGL 401F
ENP 229B FAA 596D FAA 596D FAA 950D FRU 224D
FPD 720B FPD 720B FPD 720B FPD 720B FPD 720B
FRU 224D GAS 522 GAS 522 HAD 824D JGV 459F
JVY 657E JVY 657E JVY 657E LJC 69 LJC 69
KJJ 462D LGC 81D LGC 81D LGC 811D LGC 811D
MGO 569D NGC 27D NGC 27D OUL 469F OUL 469F
OYP 763F OYP 763F PBP 13E PRO 463D PRO 463D
Q 463 MVX RHK 488D RNG 492D Silver Temptation TPJ 314F
SMM 871F SMM 871F SMM 871F SMM 871F SMM 871F
SLB 361F SLB 361F TUR 647E VFO 829 VVS 240
WGO 389D WGO 389D WNK 279E WNK 279E YNO 523F
XSK 581 XKS 581 YOU 520F 105E ? 105E ?
105E ? 105E ? 105E ? 105E ? 105E ?

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