Norfolk Street Cruisers

Ask Bob ? Ford Granada, Consul & Capri 1, 2, 3

For many years Bob Pike has been taking and collecting photographs of British tin Rods, these are not all Bob's own work but he cannot remember where they all came from. If you recognize your work I am happy to acknowledge photos origin, add links to your site, or remove if required as I do not intend any offend anybody.

If you are the current owner of any of these card and would like to send up to date photographs or your car is not yet on bob's record again please send them in.

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FORD Capri Mk1
872 RJH ADB 156L BKV 758M CLU 398H FBJ 666J
DUC 941J DUC 941J DUC 941J KUP 717J KUP 717J
JEF 610 JEF 610 JEF 610 JEF 610 LPU 70J
OCB 333J OKO 134M OOF 224K ULP 658M ULP 658M
SBM 1J XBH 584J YRK 605H Capri 1? Capri 1?
Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1?
Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1? Capri 1?
RST 52 RST 52 PUF 951M    
A83 PPO ALN 909Y ALN 909Y B970 XKX B970 XKX
D642 RWM D75 EYX D75 EYX JDP 959W JDP 595W
OTC 681R OTC 681R B89 DDM B89 DDM Capri 3?
Capri 3? Capri 3? Capri 3?    
Granada & Consul
APU 873L ARB 40L ARB 40L KLX 884P VMD 251M
LUU 723K LUU 723K LUU 723K A776 KFR A776 KFR
Granada ? Granada ? DLS 621Y Granada ?  

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