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Ask Bob ? Rover

For many years Bob Pike has been taking and collecting photographs of British tin Rods, these are not all Bob's own work but he cannot remember where they all came from. If you recognize your work I am happy to acknowledge photos origin, add links to your site, or remove if required as I do not intend any offend anybody.

If you are the current owner of any of these card and would like to send up to date photographs or your car is not yet on bob's record again please send them in.

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Rover 10
BNX 85 BNX 85 BNX 85 BNX 85 BNX 85
Rover P2 & P3
Rover P2? Rover P3? EPO 664 GFY 416 Rover P3?
HCE 464 HCE 464 HCE 464 HCE 464 HYF 945
HAC 658 HAC 658 HWD 802 HWD 802 HWD 802
Rover P4 & P5
356 AUW Rover P4? (petes) SRC 723 SRC 723 WXT 173
Rover P5? Rover P5? 333 SEA BLC 435H BLC 435H
Rover P5? (lionel) OVR 935H Rover P5? Rover P5? Rover P5?
Rover P6 & SD1
NLJ 686G   Rover SD1? Rover SD1? YNT 476T
E371 SDA E371 SDA B120 RDF    

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