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Modern Hot-Rods?

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If like me you think that a hot rod is a car that has had its engine replaced in order to gain extra performance. then are these modern hot-rods??

Rambler Wagon smoothed and lowered open the tailgate and in the boot Ferrari V8
Datsun 510 V8 Chevy Another 510, PU Mazda MX5 It's still a lot of work
Old ford F100 with V10 Viper Or cleaned up and pushed with a BMW V8
a DMC is a strange choice so is the Mazda rotary Another DeLorien with turbo Toyota Mad Minor (not Micks)
Austin Healey 100 V12 Jaguar 2.7L Audi - Elise Old Honda 600 New Honda V-Tec
Another Healey Ford Tauraus SHO Healey Frogeye Pro-Street ? Pro-Street Vespa?

Don't be Volga?