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Modern Hot-Rods?

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If like me you think that a hot rod is a car that has had its engine replaced in order to gain extra performance. then are these modern hot-rods??

Ford Focus 4,6 Mustang V8 1950's GMC 928 Porsche V8 Front Wheel Drive burnout Ford Fiesta Harley V-Twin
VW Bus Audi V6 Ghia GT3 Porsche Mk2 Escort Nissan Skyline Volvo Amazon Concept 1
Opel Kadet BMW Turbo Lotus Esprit BMW V12 1971 Datsun Nissan Hemi Volvo Amazon Concept 2
BMW 3 Series GTO V8 Another BMW SR20DET Nissan Nissan Sunny (GTiR) Ferrari V8 (Why?) Volvo Amazon Concept 3
Nissan 240Z GTR Skyline Toyota Starlet Honda S2000 Frog Eye Sprite or Austin Healey Sprite Still an S2000 Honda
50s Chevy BMW V12 Mercury BMW V12 MGB GT SR20DET Nissan Fiat 131/ S2000 Honda

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